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Fabrication of basic construction sheet metal elements


Manufacturing of the basic construction sheet metal elements, namely gutters, flangeways and pipes, hooks for gutters, elbows, gutter faces, sheeting and skirting boards, caps and coverings for chimneys, coverings for terraces etc.  All of the above is made from galvanized, painted, copper, zincotite, stainless steel or aluminium sheet.

Sheet metal bending is one of our specialties. Modern CNC machines are used for sheet bending, so we are able to process the entire piece at once. We are able to offer you CNC sheet metal bending.

It does not matter to us whether you need to bend sheets of copper, aluminium, stainless steel, or steel. You just need to contact us and arrange a sheet metal bending service.

Nowadays, a large number of buildings are made of roof and wall sandwich panels with different fillings (polyurethane, stone wool, polyester) and single covering and facade sheet metals in different forms such as tile panels and various trapezoidal sheet metals.

Quality and modes of operation certification according to 1090-2-2017, 3834-3-2017, AAA. In the further development of our company, we expect to receive additional new certificates in the field of work and production.


Construction sheet metal fabrication from galvanized, painted, copper, zincotite, stainless steel or aluminium sheet metal

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CNC sheet metal bending

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Sandwich panel installation, steel construction installation...

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