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About us

PRO LIM was founded in 2004 as a small trade with just a few employees, in 2010 due to the revenue growth PRO-LIM d.o.o. comes into existence. Today PRO-LIM d.o.o. has 35 employees, who are constantly improving their skills. Furthermore, with our constant expansion of work, we employ new workers in order to maintain quality and standard.

With further development both in human resources and equipment we improve our business activity and numerous certificates acknowledge that year after year.

We successfully install building construction sheet metal from galvanized, coloured, aluminium and other sheet metals, we install sandwich panels from various manufacturers, we produce and install steel constructions, we also produce other various steel products. There are numerous works speaking in our favour, starting with small to more demanding works which include thousands square meters of sheet metal and sandwich panels. We can offer you implementation of building construction sheet metal consisting of various shapes and lengths according to your desires and real roof measurements.  We will be happy to answer any of your questions or offer requests. All questions can be made by phone, fax, mobile phone or e-mail. Contact information are available on the home page and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


Some of our activities, services and references are:

  • ·         Steel constructions – production and instalment
  • ·         Sandwich panel mounting
  • ·         Various steel products
  • ·         Laser steel cutting
  • ·         Building construction sheet metal production and mounting
  • ·         Sheet metal bending of various profiles and lengths
  • ·         We provide bending service from your own material
  • ·         We produce and install building construction sheet metal on protected cultural monuments


Our years-long experience is a definite guarantee for the quality of our services

·         We possess several certificates

·         We take pride in respecting the realization deadlines as well as readily giving advice in all aspects of our activities

·         We are trustworthy contractors for the private sector (family projects) as well as larger business facilities

We hope you will recognize our qualities and contact us with trust!